Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage 
Benefits of lymphatic drainage: 
reduce edema(swelling) 
Improves post-surgical healing 
Reduces scar tissue buildup 
Drains toxins to enhance tissue regeneration i. e. Stretch marks, wrinkles, fractures, scars, etc 
Boosts the immune system 
Improves resistance to colds, allergies and infections 
Reduces body and joint pain 
Reduces fatigue 
Naturally cleanses your body 
Improves skin complexion 
Lymphatic drainage aids: 
Healing from sports injuries 
Breast health 
pre-and post surgery 
What does the lymph system do? 
It’s essential to life! Without our lymphatic system we would die within 24 to 48 hours! 
Clears waste and toxins from body tissues and cells 
Creates your immune defense system 
Balances fluid levels in the body tissues 
Moves fluid and assists in the flow of nutrients in the body 
Absorbs fat and fatty acids from the digestive system via the small intestines 

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